No need to get hot and bothered!

  • By Brockney C
  • 21 Jun, 2017

How to help your growroom chill out...

In a recent post about temperature versus light intensity  it was mentioned how hanging the grow lights too close to the plants can cause scorching.

With that in mind, it is also important to keep a good healthy balance of the temperature in the growing environment.

There are plenty of items and plenty of methods to choose from and here are a few that can prove to be successful.

Water Chillers

Remove the heat from the water in a hydroponics setup with these water chillers
Water chillers to cool the system
It is not just the air in a grow room that becomes heated, the water does too. The ideal temperature for the water is 68°F ( 20°C) to prevent overheating and reduce the chances of algae growth.

As well as keeping the nutrient solution at the best temperature, water coolers can also reduce the air temperature when applied in the form of water-cooled reflectors and water-cooled radiators.

Water cooling can be up to 50% more efficient than using the more traditional air conditioners.

It is worth noting that if the water cooler is used to reduce the air temperature it should be kept outside of the grow room, otherwise it will simply release the heat back into it!

This process is known as heat exchange.

AeroTube Reflectors

When used in conjunction with a fan and appropriately sized tubing the AeroTube from  Lumii  removes the heat generated by the lighting and exhausts it from the grow room.

This is another heat exchange process.



One crucial factor of plant growth to keep in mind is nutrition.

A plant's tolerance to heat can be enhanced with silicon based fertilizers. The silicon becomes incorporated into the cell walls and allow a better transpiration rate. This makes the plant stronger in terms of regulating its own internal temperature.

A good silicon-based fertilizer is Silicon Max from Vitalink

Sometimes the simple solution can be the most effective!
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