Propagation for the Gully System - The Baby Stages!

  • By Brockney C
  • 23 Nov, 2017

From the Propagator to the Gullies

We recently had the pleasure of installing a Gully System at London's University Academy of Engineering  Southbank and wrote an article about the components required, the proposed functionality and its proposed purpose. This is fascinating stuff and can be read about in full by clicking here

The growth has been initiated using a propagator . The premium Stewart Propagator gives a controlled and consistent environment which is a crucial factor for the success when it comes to cuttings and early seedling growth. The solid durable clear plastic cover features an adjustable ventilation panel allowing the air temperature and humidity to be controlled.

The propagation cubes are holding the seeds and they are gently watered so as to be constantly moist until the seeds are germinated. At this stage they are then ready to be transferred to the next growing medium.

These cucumbers are now looking nice and ready for the next level!
It is lovely to see the first cucumber seeds reaching this stage! Now that they have roots and stems the propagated baby plants are being transferred to the gully system which is the growing medium for this setup.

The nutrients are being constantly pumped along the gully channel and are absorbed into the plants through the roots which dangle in the solution.

The above Omega CFL lighting is regulated by timers and the Academy have chosen three different lighting powers with the experimental purpose of establishing how much lighting is needed by various plants and what energy levels are the most suitable.

The same concept is being applied to the nutrient solutions whose strengths can also be varied across the three separate gullies within the system.
We are keen to see how the plants progress and are also hoping for a little sample of the goods sometime soon!
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