Unzip and Grab the Goodies!

  • By Brockney C
  • 22 Jun, 2017

Grow Tents are the Straightforward Way

Indoor growing can be very straightforward when carried out with the right equipment from the outset. Grow tents offer a tidy, self-contained space in which everything can be kept organised so that it runs smoothly.

Grow tents are quick and easy to set up and have a rigid frame that supports the cloth container. The cloth's interior is lined with a reflective material that improves the efficiency of the lighting system by allowing plenty of light distribution. The lighting system can be hung from the frame's crossbars on the ceiling and the zippers give the entire tent its own controlled environment whilst allowing easy access.
By having its own environment the tent provides a great degree of security which is particularly useful when growing certain plants that may have a strong or pungent smell to them. In any case it is easy (and essential) to set up ventilation so that fresh air with sufficient CO2 is brought in for the plants to breath. In the case of odour, a carbon filter can be attached to the exhaust fan to eliminate this as it leaves the tent.

A discrete tent will also keep pets and pests away, which anybody who has done outdoor gardening will appreciate for sure!
The main equipment required for a grow tent is lighting, reflectors and a fan system. A good starter kit can be found here  - the main thing is to ensure your lighting and ventilation are set up correctly as was discussed in previous articles.

There are plenty of different ways of growing such as the traditional method with soil or other systems such as aquaponics or hydroponics, which we will discuss in future articles.

In the meantime feel free to contact us anytime to find out more!

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